Mattera Cabin North Reading Fall photos


One thing I love about living in Reading is all the families I get to really know.  I have been lucky enough to meet so many families through my Connect The Tots mini sessions.   This shoot was done this past fall (how far behind blogging AM I?) I have been shooting the families in Readings for over 8 years!  It’s been amazing to watch the families grow and then a new crop of families come in.  Its one of my favorite sessions to shoot every year!  Below are a few of the groups I photographed.

One of my favorite places to take for photos in the area of running mass is at Mattera park.  What I love about Mattera is that it’s really close, there’s fantastic parking, and it’s easy to get to.  The best time of day to shoot at my  Mattera is usually in the late afternoon when the sun is going through the trees.

Reading_Mass_Portrait_PhotosReading_Mass_Portrait_Photos Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos035 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos Reading_Mass_Portrait_PhotosReading_Mass_Portrait_Photos Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos029 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos028 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos026 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos025 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos024 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos023 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos022 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos021 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos020 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos019 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos018 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos017 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos016 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos015 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos014 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos013 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos012 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos011 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos010 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos009 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos008 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos007 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos006 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos005 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos004 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos003 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos002 Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos001Reading_Mass_Portrait_Photos

Taking children’s pictures in Reading MA always provides the opportunity for beautiful photos. We were lucky enough to shoot at Mattera Park in Reading and use the stone wall for a backdrop. Mattera Park is one of my favorite spots as it always provides beautiful light