Reading Massachusetts Portrait Photographer

In the areas as  a Reading Massachusetts Portrait Photographers, sometimes there is confusion.  How?  Well, A long time ago on a dreary day I was standing at the Wakefield Lake.  This family walked up to me and said “Are you our photographer?”  I said, “Yes, are you my 11:15 family?”  they said yes and away we went shooting.  As we were shooting the mom kept calling me Jessica and I kept calling her Kate.  She kept saying “Jessica when do we get these photos?”  I was a little confused, but I just answered and then said ‘here is my card, you can find all my information right there.”   She stopped and said,  ‘Wait.. you’re not Jessica from XX studio?”  I said, No, I’m Alicia from Cordele Photography.” She busted out laughing and said “That’s why you keep calling me Kate! I’m not your client!” We laughed and realized she missed her portrait with her photographer, and my portrait had cancelled.  What was born, was a fabulous friendship and a family that I love to take photos of every year!

Becky has the most adorable family and I just love taking their photos.  Their youngest Jackie is on the move, so she is a little tougher to get photos of, but we did it!  I love shooting at Mattera Cabin because it’s hidden and out of the way. Not too much traffic, not too many people and you can always find a pretty spot.

Reading Ma Family Portraits_007 Reading Ma Family Portraits Reading Ma Family Portraits_005 Reading Ma Family Portraits Reading Ma Family Portraits_003 Reading Ma Family Portraits Mattera Cabin Reading Ma Family Portraits_001

Having clients that return year after year, is one of the things I treasure most about what I do.  It’s amazing to watch the kids grow and get to know the family so well.  I wish I had kept a running spreadsheet of all the clients that returned and as I grew as a business watch that list grow.  Now there are over 400 families I have photographed I can’t even imagine trying to compile that list