Groomsmen, stop doing this at weddings!!!

Alright, I’m going to say it.  I’m going to put every guy front and center for this blog post!  Guys, you have got to stop this.    I am not quiet sure what it is about a wedding that makes the guys do this, but every wedding, I see it.  Its not a huge thing, but it’s an odd phenomenon that happens as soon as you put a guy in a suit and make him important at a wedding.    What am I talking about ??

THIS!  You have all seen it!   I pulled these from the archives so the quality isn’t great, but you get the sense of what I am talking about!   The fig leaf pose, the protection pose, the guard the jewels pose.

So what should they do instead with their hands?  THIS:

Just let your hand hang naturally like it does everyday.  Or if you MUST do something with it, stick it in your pocket.   All the way in!  We don’t need a thumb poking out or your knuckles .  These simple things can help make a photo go from awkward to amazing with a simple change of your hand!