First Birthday Cake Smash Photo Sessions

Baby's First Birthday Cake smash cake of minnie mouse

First Birthday Cake Smash Photo Sessions are always so much fun!   The best part of them is how custom they can be.  When the mom called me to do this session she was SO excited about the Mickey Mouse cake she was having design by Cakes For Occasions in Danvers MA.    They are one of our favorite cake vendors and we see them all the time at weddings and special occasions.

To make the cake even more special it was pink!  She said she wanted to do a pink and pearls session and was hoping for gold and pink backdrop.  Funny enough I had one from a similar session a few months back.  I was able to add props to this sessions that made it hers.

Smashing Cakes and Turning One!

Babies first birthday is such a milestone.  To look back and remember just 365 days before you had this little baby that really didn’t do much, and then 365 days, they grew into this walking babbling person with a personality.  I always say that how a baby dives into a cake is indicative of their personality, and this little lady approached with caution and wasn’t so sure that this was for her until the frosting!

Below are some of my favorite photos from the cake smash with Baby A.  They drove all the way from the Cape to have a cake smash with me.  That’s a true fan of my work and I am so honored!

First Birthday Cake smash Portrait Session

First Birthday photos cake smash

We started off with just a few quick portraits of her to make sure we captured her all neat and clean.  She had on the most adorable outfit!  I love this one below of her standing so innocently with the white onsie on and the pink tutu!

Baby's First birthday portrait
We were all so surprised that she let us put the crown on her!

Baby's first birthday portrait

Baby's first birthday cake smash photo session
Then we brought out the cake..

  Baby's First Birthday cake smash session

And she wasn’t really sure what to do…First birthday cake smash photos

But then… she got the hang of it.First birthday cake smash photos

and she looked a little guilty after a few bites.  Her expression during the Cake smash seems to say “is this okay?” First Birthday Cake smash photos

No really, can I really smash this cake??First birthday cake smash photo session

First Birthday cake smash portrait session


Babies' First Cake Smash Portrait sessionFirst Birthday Photo Session Cake Smash Tips


Do not set expectations!  Most people expect that baby to dive in- head first.  To be honest, most babies don’t.  After eating a bunch of mush for the previous 6 months, sugar is new.  It’s sticky, and packs a heck of a lot of flavor.

Expect a Mess!
Even the sweetest easy going cake smashes some how always end with frosting between toes and in the hair.  Not to worry, we have paper towels, wipes and if needed a tub!

Don’t let them eat TOO much. 
If the little one is digging in, and digging in, after a few frames, once you’ve got it, you’ve got it.  You do NOT want to let the little ones sit there and have a meal with this cake. They will get so sick later (lesson learned here!) and all that sugar is really not good for their bellies!

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