Fall Portraits North Reading Photographers

Fall Portraits North Reading gives me a reason to be outside.  I was given permission to post photos from one of my many fall portraits from the past few weeks.  I have so many I can’t post.  First Christmas cards, then blog posts can happen! I refuse to spoil photos :).

These happen to be one of my favorite sets from the many fall portraits I did in North Reading!  The time of day, the light, the colors, just all came together so nicely!  As a Reading Massachusetts Photographer it’s nice to have places like Ipswich River Park to shoot in the fall.  There is so much to work with.

First we started on the grass and then moved over to the lake in the back.  I couldn’t have asked for better light!

I have been taking photos of this family for years!

A family portrait in a field

Two siblings stand together to get their photo taken

A young girl riding on her brothers back for a photo

two kids standing back to back outside

A family of four stands in a line on grass


North Reading Ipswich river Park Portraits

A family of four standing in front of reeds Family standing in front of tall reeds

Family standing in front of lake

you can see photos I did last year with another family here http://www.cordelephotography.com/blog/reading-family-portraits/

Ipswich River park is a great park located in North Reading.  Their website can be found here