I am so excited to be blogging about Katie and Clair’s wedding from August 2014.  I’ve had these photos ready to go for so long but something (ahem, someone) got in the way.  Love you, baby Bryan!

This wedding was my first experience with a Quaker ceremony and I absolutely LOVED it.  Their friends and family provided such beautiful testimony praising the couple for overcoming and persevering in their struggles being a same-sex couple . Not only was it incredibly moving and personal, but the ceremony was really fun.  The brides provided colorful flags that their guests would wave when they agreed with the statement or supported a moment.  The mothers of the brides gave the readings and their guests all signed their wedding certificate.  Just so touching.

Katie and Clair – I hope you had the most amazing time in Italy.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

Same Sex Wedding Photos

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Same Sex wedding Photos Boston

Codman Estate Same Sex Wedding

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