This is the worst thing anyone can say to a photographer. Ever.

I know you use your phone everyday to capture photos of your little one’s twirling in a field, or climbing a structure, or standing on a table.  What you didn’t catch was the moment they threw your phone in a toilet, pond or pool.  This is the biggest OMG moment in most people’s lives.  If you haven’t dropped your phone in water, just wait.  It will happen.  It’s happened to me, twice.  You’d think it would be easy to keep the phone out of water, but it just takes 2 seconds for it to go flying our of your hand and into the sink where you are doing dishes, or out of the back pocket of your jeans while you pee (come on, how many times have you caught it as it almost went flying in?!)

So, this post isn’t going to help you if you’ve already dropped your phone in water (drop it in a bag of rice and leave it there for 24 hours.) This post is to help you BEFORE you drop it in water and lose every precious photo on it.  Let’s face it, you still haven’t taken the 10 minutes and backed up your phone from my other post- have you?
To protect your photos you need to back it up and pull your photos on to your computer. (Which I explain how to do here)
If you haven’t done that, or you are not religious about it, you need to find away to protect your photos.  This is where I tell you about the IF app. (formerly known as ifttt) It’s a lifesaver.  You need a couple things to make this the best app ever.

-5 minutes to set it up

-a smartphone

-a dropbox or evernote account (go read my Evernote lovefeast here)
The IF app, goes into your phone and runs in the background, without you having to do much of anything.  You set up little “actions” (or what they call recipes) and you tell it, “IF i do this… YOU do that.”   Its pretty simple.  I have IF set up to text me each morning the weather for the day, I don’t even have to open my phone.  the recipe says
If there is Weather (um everyday there is..), Then Text me a report.
At 7AM each morning, it sends me that text. SO helpful!


This is what it looks like set up.

IMG_1427Easy. Now I know what to dress my kids in for the day without a lot of hassle.

Below are a few of the recipes (or IF actions) I have set up.  I have it that if I am almost home  (via GPS) it will kick on my heat or my AC, depending on the outside temp!
Then I have the action that has saved me. Its the last IF action on the list there.  I tell IF  “IF I take a photo, you send it to Evernote.”  Every time I take a photo, or open up the IF app, it will automatically send my photos as a backup to Evernote. I don’t have to do anything.  Its there, always backing up for me.  I can tell it to put it in my IOS photo notebook in Evernote.  Its FABULOUS!  No more “OMG I dropped my phone and lost all my photos moments.  Trust me, I have dropped my phone in water and I do not even blink.  I know all my photos are saved automatically. IF will also send them to dropbox,

How do you use IF?  There are so many phone apps it will work with that save you so much time!

This was the worst thing you can say to a photographer, The second worst thing you can say is “My hard drive died, and I lost all my kids photos!”   We will get to that later.