The Endicott Estate is such a charming venue.  Its the perfect size for a wedding for about 120 people.  It provides enough room to dine and dance and gives people a unique venue to explore.  Upstairs they have rooms for the bride and groom to get ready in.  The girls can have one enormous room and the guys can have another.  Then when they are ready they can do a first look on the stairs over looking the grounds.    Its picture perfect, and paired with your own selection of vendors from catering to music, it really boasts to be a one of a kind event!

Shawna and Paul were married there a few months back.  We have been so over run with family portraits (Ya fall in New England) that we haven’t had a second to come up for air, never mind blog all our weddings and portraits.) I promise they are coming!   Shawna and Paul had their engagement photos done down at the JFK Library in Boston.

We couldn’t wait to work with them at the Endicott Estate.  We always pray for a nice day and they got it! Below are a few of our favorite photos!
Flowers; Whole Foods

DJ Nick Morrel

Caterer Tastings Caterers

Makeup Nuture Salon

Jewelers Bromfield Jewelers

Photo of Girls getting ready endicott Estate

Photo of Girls getting ready at the Endicott Estate looking at the seating chart.


Groom waiting on staircase

Groom waiting for the bride to come down the stairs for the first look

First look

The bride and groom have an nontraditional portrait of them before the wedding

First look with a cople hours before their wedding.

Bride and groom first look. Groom waits on the stairs for her, as she approaches from behind. These first looks can really help set the tone for the day.  You get the jitters out of the way, and then you can relax when the ceremony approaches.

This is a window lit portrait of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time. At the Endicott Estate, it's such a great spot for a first look. You hve directional light and then you can have the groom turn, while keeping a photographer up at the top of the stairs.

Bride and groom see each other for the first time.  I love these stairs, especially when you have two photographers.  You can keep one above them shooting the groom and the other below, shooting photos of the bride.  The portrait is lit with just the window light to the left.

Endicott Estate Bridal portraits

Photos of the bride and groom outside on the lawn of the estate.  This was a all wedding and I love the warm colors of the fall foliage.

Bride and groom at sunset at the endicott estateOne of my favorite photos from the wedding was this silhouette.    We had started to lose light and we just wanted to get a few more photos in.  The best thing to do was use the light from the sky and darken them down.  It was a great portrait because of the hint of yellow behind them.  You can see her veil and they are not fully touching, so you can see their profiles. Its one of my favorite shots that I’ve taken in awhile

A black and white photo of a a husband and wife having their first dance at the Endicott Estate

First dance as husband and wife.  I love the way Shawna is laughing at whatever Paul is saying.  there is no one in the room when they are dancing.

You can find more photos of weddings I’ve done at the Endicott Here


Endicott Estate Wedding Photos | Kim + Joe