Concord Colonial Inn Wedding Photos

Sarah and Jonathon were married at the St Mary’s Orthodox Church in Cambridge and had their wedding reception at the Concord Colonial Inn.  It’s such a quaint place for an intimate wedding.  Concord has so much charm that it was the perfect wedding location for Sarah and Jonathon. Along being a wedding at the Concord Colonial Inn which is a great place; Nothing makes me happier than when I get a referral from a sister of a previous bride. It was back in 2007 I don’t even have a blog post for them!

Sarah was absolutely stunning in her flowing wedding dress and Jonathon complimented her well in his gray suit.


The bride Sarah’s Bridesmaid gave one of the most amazing speeches I’ve heard in awhile.  Not to be overshadowed by the Grooms Best Man’s Speech.  In a word, these people are angels on earth.  They are the embodiment of good. They made me want to be a better person after being in their presence.   I actually was able to retrieve a copy of the speech given by the bridesmaid.  I would love to copy and paste the entire thing, but I’ll just take a snip it because Reading it won’t make sense unless you were there.
“Sarah… you look at the world with such compassion and curiosity….  You interact with the world with a profound gentleness– your peaceful aura is contagious.”    In speaking of the groom, “I believe that you already have the deepest understanding of marriage; that love, and its greatest gift is to give.” 

The toast in its entirety is amazing.  I can only hope that someone would have such an occasion to say such nice things about me, and the person I love.  That’s what a toast should be.  A snip it of who you are and the love you share.    While I’m standing on my soap box, the one thing that made this speech amazing, she Elana never talked about herself.

Wedding details from Concord Wedding

Wedding Details

The Wedding Rings are from Kosima Fine Jewelry

Wedding Ring photo from Concord Wedding

Concord Colonial Inn Wedding Photos


Bride Getting ready at Concord Colonial Inn

Bride gets ready at Concord Colonial Inn

Bridesmaid helps bride get ready at Cocord Colonial Inn

Bride gets veil adjusted as she gets ready for her wedding

Bride looks at friend before walking down the aisle

Bride Walks down the aisle at St Mary’s Orthodox Church in Cambridge Ma

wedding ceremony St. Mary Cambridge MA

Bride and Groom receive orthodox tradition of rings during wedding at St. Mary in Cambridge

Bride and Groom Portrait Concord MA at Concord Colonial Wedding

Bride and Groom Portrait concord MA at Concord Colonial Wedding

 Bride lifts shoes to reveal "I Do" on them as groom lifts her up at Concord Colonial Wedding

Concord Colonial Wedding Photos provides a great backdrop for rustic details

sitting cards for guests at Concord Colonial Wedding

Cake and Cupcakes from at Concord Colonial Wedding


Bride and Groom laugh during toats at Concord Colonial Wedding