Chelmsford Senior Photographers, Chelmsford Massachusetts


Chelmsford Senior Photographers seem to be hard to come by.  It’s nice being able to shoot seniors who have the option to go elsewhere for their senior photos.  First, they need to find a kick butt photographer and then they need to contact a great photographer in and around Chelmsford!    This is a secret location that isn’t shared with many, and I absolutely love it.

What is great about this session is that because Willow  wore some great outfits for the location that we were in. the photos rock!    First she had on a little black dress for the softer side of her, and then she switched to jeans and a sweater that really worked well against the rougher backdrops.  We also picked a great time of day, the light was fabulous and her skin was absolutely glowing when we hit the softer light areas!

The thing that’s amazing about senior photography is that you can treat it like a magazine cover shoot.  You can get the seniors excited to shoot it and you tell them, lets approach it first like your a rock star then like your a normal high school teenager.  We then get moody images and we also get some softer sweeter images.

The other fun thing about senior photos is that they get to wear almost anything they want.    I always try to stress how important the outfit choices are.  In this photo, Willow did an amazing job picking out outfits that really showed off her personality.

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Chelmsford High Senior Photographer

Chelmsford senior photographers

chelmsford senior photographers

Chelmsford High Senior Photographers

Chelmsford High Senior Photographers



Chelmsford-senior photographers

Chelmsford senior photographers Chelmsford Senior Photographer photos

Chelmford High Senior Photographers

Chelmsford Senior Photographers

Chelmsford Senior Photographers

Chelmsford High senior photographers

Chelmsford high senior photographer

Senior Photography in Massachusetts is changing, and you might have to use the high school yearbook company.  You can still hire another photographer to do something fun!!  There is more than one Chelmsford High Senior Photographer around!  First look around, and then hire Cordele Photography, we LOVE seniors.

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