Best Boston Engagement Photography locations

When a couple contacts me to shoot their engagement session in Boston they want a list of the Best Locations, First, they hire me, the next question is, “Where in Boston should be do them?!”.    Typically, I tell my clients to find a place that has meaning to them.  Some examples would be, the beach you went on your first date, the city sidewalks you chatted on as you came home from dinner on your second date, or just the woods behind your house where you walk your dog.  The possibilities are endless! My criteria for selecting location are light, ease of parking, traffic getting there around rush hour, meaning to the client, background for photos, and uniqueness.   I love places that have good light.  You need good light and a few places to duck in the shadows if the sun is too harsh. I also try and tell people to find places that are easy to get to.  You don’t want to have to fight rush hour traffic out of Boston, to get to Salem MA if we could have just gone to the North End waterfront after work!    I have been doing this far too long, and Boston traffic is just unpredictable.  If it’s raining, forget about getting anywhere fast!  Friday nights are tough.  People are heading north to the mountains or south to the Cape.  You could be sitting in traffic for ever and then miss the golden light window!   I added a few photos, as I don’t have photos from each location!

Below is a list to help you find places you might like.  Each place is in a various part of Massachusetts.  Since I am located in Reading MA, I tend to stick to places in Boston, or North.  Although, I have a house on Cape Cod, so we can go anywhere you want!  Traveling to the beaches of Plymouth Ma or Cape Cod, is pretty easy for us.  We have family in Plymouth, so we just crash there after the shoot! Just remember Boston Engagement Photos are fun!  We will have a blast!  Just relax and look over these locations for something that might peak your interest!  I’m currently holding a casting call to find someone to check out a new location!  Make sure to email me to see if you can be a model for me!  I have a few specific things I am looking for!

Scroll past  this list to view some of our Boston engagement Photos

Prospect Hill- Somerville
Corey Hill Outlook on Summit Ave – Brookline
Maudsley State park
Boston Harbor Islands
Charles River
Over by Garden – Zakim Bridge
Salisbury (at opening rd)
Salisbury beach
Rose Kennedy greenway
Blue Hill
Larz Anderson Brookline
Sharon- Ames park/Borderland State Park
Plum Island _ Sandy point
Gloucester– on the pier
Lobe tree hill conservation.Belmont
*Beaver brook reservation – Belmont on mill street
Ciderhill Farm – Amesbury
Amesbury common
Somerville at the Prospect Hill Monument
Out route 2 Lexington Road– house in minuteman park Old house
Chelmsford bike trail
Stow- airplane hanger- Collins foundation
Farm in stow old abandoned house
Boston Public Library email the events at to secure the location.
Good Harbor Beach
Assembly station
Foley street Somerville
Tremont street Boston Graffiti wall
Saugus Iron Mills
Lo Presti Park Boston pier

Boston Skyline Engagement photo

night engagement photo boston

engagement photos wingaersheek beach137

Wingaersheek Beach Gloucester MA


Charles River Cambridge MA


Minuteman National Park, Concord MA

Engagement Photos Plymouth MA

Brewster Garden’s Plymouth MA