Candid Providence Public Library Wedding

Leah and Steve were married at a Candid Providence Public Library Wedding.  It was on a rainy day last fall.    I have to say, while it rained, it was still one of the most beautiful weddings I have photographed in Providence RI in a long time.  I had never been to the Providence Public library for a wedding, but I can’t wait to go back!

Leah got ready at the Biltmore Hotel down the street and then headed off to the Providence Public Library for her first look.    Her make up was done by the amazing Tamar of Fab Browz   I have known Tamar for a long time and her make up is just incredible!  Leah looked amazing and Steve was so handsome!

Photos from the Providence Public Library Wedding

A bride sits in front of a window at the Biltmore Hotel getting her makeup done by Fab Browz make up artist

This is a dictionary that her friend made for their Thank you card photo.

A dictionary sits on a bed with it opened to the middle and the words THANK YOU stencilled on it.
I loved her light blue shoes for something “blue”.  a pair of light blue shoes sits on the headboard at the Providence Biltmore Hotel with a blue wall and a mirror above them
Light blue shoes hang over the bathtub ledge at the Providence Biltmore Hotel   A bridal dress hands on a headboard at the Providence Biltmore Hotel
After Leah had her make up done and dress on, we then drove over to the Providence Public Library for her first look.  First we had to get her into the library without getting soaked!

Bride walking upstairs
I love this first look!    Leah walked up the stairs of the library and Steve had his back turned! When asked he turned around.

\ \ \ Bridal Party photo at the Providence Public Library.  Bridal Party on stairs

Bridesmaid photo on the bench. Bridesmaids in pink dresses

The couple signing the ketubah in the conference room.Bride and groom photo
Bride signs a marriage contract
This might be my favorite photo from the entire day.  This was not staged.  Everyone gathered around and was watching the couple finalize their marriage Black and White photo of bride and groom signing Ketubah
On our way to the stacks we came across this red wall and I asked the couple to stand in front of it first.
Bride and groom against red wall  After they signed their Ketubah, we went down to the stacks to get some photos.  The lighting down there was so unique.  I love this photo!

a bride leans against a stack of books.  She is under a florescent light and the books are 5 shelves high

A bride and groom kiss in Providence Public Library
The Providence Public Library is a wonderful location for any event, especially a wedding.  They have tons of space for a large number of people.  People can stand in the upper balcony and look down on the dance floor giving people a really unique perspective.

A brides parents walk her down an aisle at the Providence Public Library

A two teir wedding cake with blue sash

One of the photos the couple really wanted was the two of them in front of the Library. Who can resist this with the arches! A bride and groom stand in front of the Providence Public Library

We were so luck that we had enough time to have a first look and ceremony and then come outside for some photos to show off the building. The entire location is just amazing!
Bride and Groom outside Providence PUblic Library

Library Wedding Table decor

Wedding table decor

Toasts being given.

Bride and groom during their first toast

Black and White photo of the first dance.  Black and White photo of a bride and grooms first dance as husband and wife

I have never photographed a wedding at the Boston Public Library, but I have a lot more weddings you can look at on the blog here or on my website